Stones of Barenziah

Stones of Barenziah During the exploration of the world Skyrim you can stumble upon «a mysterious stone», which hovers in a golden casket. As soon as you take it, there was a job — find out more about the origin and value of stone. Rumored to haveRiften person who can help you with this.
When you enter the city you will find Maul, who will tell you that the evaluation of stone can help only in the Thieves’ Guild, which you’ll have to join. In the lair of the guild, the tavern «The Ragged Flagon», the character named Vex will tell you that this is a rock from the legendary Crown of Barenziah, but individually these stones of no value.
To restore the unique property of the crown, we need all 24 stones, which scattered throughout the Skyrim. Appears quest «No Stone Unturned», and where you want to collect all 24 stone. Most stones are passing along the main quest and guild quests, you can get some only during the quest, so be extremely careful in the search.

Locations all stones of Barenziah

Location Description The accompanying quest
1 Dragonsreach Jarl's rooms, upstairs, behind a door on the left, there is room on the bedside table
2 Whiterun Hall of the Dead, go to the catacombs, go down the stairs to the left and look at the first tomb on the left
3 Whiterun Jorrvaskr in Kodlak's bedroom, on the bedside table to the left of the bed
4 Blue Palace Jarl's chambers, farthest from the throne room on the bedside table
5 Solitude Proudspire Manor, our own house, on the third floor in the bedroom Need to buy a house
6 Dainty Sload In the captain's cabin, right on the table Thieves Guild special assignment in Solitude
7 College of Winterhold Arch-Mage's quarters to the left of the bed in one of the cabinets After passing the quest Under Saarthal
8 Markarth Treasury House, in the far left the room, next to the bed Quest The Forsworn Conspiracy
9 Understone Keep Dwemer Museum, the first room to the left on the table Thieves Guild quest Hard Answers
10 Dead Crone Rock Climb to the top, on the altar near the Words Wall Daedric quest Pieces of the Past
11 Windhelm House of Clan Shatter-shield, second floor, first bedroom to the left
12 Palace of the Kings Vunfert' room, at the entrance to the first door on the left and then right to the end Quest Blood on the Ice
13 Mistveil Keep Jarl's rooms, the door in the middle, on the bedside table
14 Black-Briar Lodge In the main hall of the stairs, left, in a room on the bedside table Quest Promises to Keep
15 Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary In Astrid's room, the first room on the left, on the table Necessary to join the guild
16 Ansilvund Near Fjori's ghost in the burial chambers
17 Story Creek Cave In the cave go up the river up, first turning right, in the alchemy lab, on the table
18 Rannveig's Fast Going down to the bottom, on the table
19 Fellglow Keep At the second level of the fortress, in the alchemy lab The College of Winterhold quest Hitting the Books
20 Sunderstone Gorge Near the Words Wall, on the table with the corpses
21 Yngvild In the room behind the throne room Quest Arondil's Journal
22 Hob's Fall Cave In the room with alchemical table, on the shelf
23 Thalmor Embassy In Elenwen's Solar, on the second floor, first bedroom on the left, on the bedside table Before the release of patch 1.4 only during the quest Diplomatic Immunity
23 Smoking Cave Next to the corpse necromancer Only after the release of patch 1.4. Thanks to Anton Rigin for the correction.
24 Pinewatch In the Pinewatch Bandit Sanctuary Thieves Guild special assignment in Markarth

Crown of Barenziah

After collecting all the stones back to the Vex at Thieves’ Guild, she said that there was only the last part — you need to find the Crown of Barenziah, and sends us into the Tolvald’s Cave. After returning the crown you get a unique effect of «Thieves Fortune», which will increase the chance of finding any gems in the chests.

Crown of Barenziah

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